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Down Quality
Down and feathers are not synonymous. Down is the light fluffy undercoating underneath the feathers of a waterfowl that protects them from the elements, a cluster of tiny fibers with no quill. For every pound of feathers on a waterfowl, only four to five ounces of down exist, and the larger the cluster, the more fill power of the down.

What is fill power? Fill power is a measurement of how fluffy or lofty the down is. The higher the fill-power, the more air it can trap, which produces warmth. All of our down products are filled with Hypo-Cycle Down�, a type of down that has been sterilized using a 4-cycle wash process. This process produces a hypoallergenic product that meets all state and U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) regulations for sterilization and bedding.

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